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Outdoor KitchenI’m a BBQ nerd. I am not a chef. I don’t consider myself an “expert”. I am a guy who looked for somewhere to save my BBQ journal so that I could find successful past cooks easily and this blog ended up as the result. Since I started the blog a surprising number of friends and colleagues have commented to me that they made stuff off the blog to great success. That’s awesome. I’m based in North Vancouver, BC in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I have always enjoyed putting fire under meats and vegetables but things really got going when my wife told me to go out and buy whatever grill I wanted for father’s day about 15 years ago. Needless to say, that was the most expensive father’s day present I have ever gotten…

I started using a Primo Kamado grill/smoker after spending a ton of time in the southern US for work and testing out my brother’s Big Green Egg a number of times. That opened the door to smoking and slow cooking. I recently did an outdoor kitchen reno including a kick-ass DCS gas grill and DCS double burner stove top from Johnstones right here in North Vancouver.

What does “Other Food Stuff” mean? Well, we started vegetable gardening this year to (what we consider) great success. I plan on putting some stuff up about our experiences vegetable gardening in North Vancouver, BC. I also really like making craft gin and flavoured vodkas. Again, for the most part this is so we can have an organized journal to look back on but if it helps people try stuff out then great.

I hope you pick something from the site and try it.


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